Coat Jacket

Photos by Sarper Kesim

Kış aylarında çok ağır kabanlar giyemiyorum.Sanki bedenim aşağı çekiyor.Bu nedenle hafif fakat bir o kadarda sıcak tutan kabanları, hatta kaban ceketleri tercih ediyorum.Faik Sönmez'den seçtiğim kaban ceket tam kış aylarını yansıtan renkleri ile sıcacık ve hafif!

I cannot wear heavy coats ın winter time. I feel like ı am going down. I prefer to wear light but heat keeper coat. I think Faik Sonmez Coat which is light and warm with matchable winter color.

Coat & Sweater / Kaban & Kazak : FAİK SÖNMEZ
Boots / Botlar : JESSICA SIMPSON ( VEPA 62)
Bag / Çanta : VALENTINO


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  2. In the following blogs, your pictures are remarkable and amazing and it’s really look like so perfect. She looks great in beautiful top with coat jacket and her long boots are too good. I hope that you had a lot of fun there. I haven’t been there ever but its sound like rocking. Thanks for sharing us. Star Lord Vest



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